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Vanities or mirrors play a significant role in determining the aesthetic of your bathroom. Installing a new vanity may be overwhelming, but when you seek services from cabinet masters like Besta Kitchens, it is an easy exercise with a massive impact on your bathroom’s general feel. Whether you plan to pamper your family with a modern master bathroom or want your visitors to experience a beautiful space, we got you covered!

Vanities in Toronto
Custom Bathroom Vanities!

We provide, supply, and install single and double floor standing and floating vanities to commercial and residential property owners in Toronto. During the installation exercise, we remove the old fixtures and replace them with brand new ones. The prices vary with the type of vanity you want.

Besta Kitchens leverages cutting-edge tools and equipment to perform vanity installation services to our clients. We do installations that not only meet your current needs but also service you for the long-term. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we guarantee excellent services regarding custom-made bathroom vanities.


Besta Kitchens is Toronto’s most trusted and reliable provider of custom cabinetry. We offer bathroom vanity services at cost-effective prices. Our team of professionals will always arrive on time and cater for all your needs.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection and on-spot quotation.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection and on-spot quotation.
Whether you want a complete redesign with an elegant contemporary finish or an update of a traditional look, Besta Kitchen has got you covered!
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