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Genius Ways to Arrange Your Kitchen Appliances

No matter the size of your kitchen, staying organized can be challenging. There are many things to store away in your kitchen from small kitchen appliances and food and pantry gadgets and glassware. Do not forget that it can be tricky figuring out how to keep things like plastic food container lids, chopping boards, baking sheets, food wraps, pot lids, and others accordingly.

Besides, each kitchen has its own characteristics. Whether you are dealing with tiny cabinets, constricted drawers, or a general inadequacy of storage space, there is a lot to ponder when you are trying to keep your kitchen tidy while also ensuring your appliances are easily accessible.

If you are arranging a new kitchen, these Besta Kitchen appliance layout ideas will help you exploit your kitchen space and make cooking, cleaning, and family mealtimes much better.

Go for Symmetry 

Book-end appliances like ovens and group depended-appliances, such as the fridge and freezer on either side of your hob, if there is enough space. By doing so, you will ensure that food items and utensils are located where you need them when preparing meals. Additionally, the symmetry creates a calm and cohesive appearance.

Get Some Appliances off the Floor

Must your dishwasher sit under your worktops? Not necessarily. It could be better if you consider raising it a bit higher to make loading and unloading easier. Besides, the height of your oven is also essential. If you place it too low or too high, you might struggle to retrieve heavy casserole dishes or pull out a tray of meat for basting.


Conceal the Cooker Hood

There is no need to make the cooker hood a feature in your kitchen. Instead, you should install a discreet extractor above your cooker in an alcove to maximize the obstinate space.


Make it Sociable

If you love the island to divide your dining, kitchen, and space, consider locating your hob there. That way, you can keep watch on your children doing their homework, or engage them in a family discussion while cooking.


Make Your Cooker a Central Focus

Make your cooker a focal point of your kitchen. Remember, the cooker’s central role is cooking; therefore, other kitchen appliances are all there to support it.


Create a Bank of Ovens 

Placing all your appliances on a single bank depends on the available space. If you do not group them by type, try putting ‘hot’ appliances, like ovens, hob, and microwaves, together.

If you implement this concept, stick with one brand of appliance. Companies like Whirlpool, Miele, and Baumatic invest more resources and effort in ensuring their control panels, knobs, badges, handles, displays, and doors all configure, achieving asymmetry and elegancy in any setup.

It would be best if you kept in mind that they all come with digital displays with clocks. Synchronizing them will be labor-intensive, but if you fail, that minute’s difference can turn out to be very distracting.


Your Fridge and Oven can be Closer than You Think  

Some time back, manufacturers advised against positioning a fridge adjacent to an oven since it would have to work harder to maintain its temperature. Luckily, things have changed in the recent past.

Technology has advanced, and in the digital age, every good appliance seems to be self-contained and well insulated and does not lose too much heat or coolness. But if you arrange your fridge adjacent to your oven, ensure you consider a small 50mm filler to be safe.

Place Your Microwave at Eye Level

Many homeowners consider a microwave a necessary evil, though to give them credit, the latest models often contain features, such as steam and grill functions, to make much healthier meals. And just like any caring parent will confess, they are a lifesaver when children are hungry.

If your worktop lacks enough space, it could be best if you position it at eye level. It will still be more comfortable and convenient to load and unload your bowls and dishes. You will also be able to keep tabs on food as cooking- bubbling-over of milk or soup will be a thing of the past if you implement this idea.


Float Your Extractor

Another genius idea of arranging your kitchen appliances recommended by the Besta Kitchen experts is installing your extractor in a wall panel, conceivably of a different color or timber to the rest of your units. This is a simple way of hiding any wiring. The panel also doubles as a big splashback.

Whether the extractor is floating or not, you should place it directly above the hob, and it should be wider than the hob for maximum efficiency. A ducted-extractor venting directly outside is more effective than a recirculating one. Thus, try to install it on your kitchen’s external wall because you require less unpleasant ducting.

Final Thoughts on Genius Ways to Arrange Your Kitchen Appliances 

It is easy to let your kitchen become a center of chaos in your entire house, especially when it takes a backseat to your list of more urgent chores. We acknowledge that many homeowners lack time for reworking their kitchen space looks, decluttering cabinets, cleaning out the fridge, and other tasks.

We understand that it seems like a mountain of work, but we also know that a crazy kitchen can make cooking and healthy eating difficult. That is why we have come up with the above genius ways to guide you in arranging your kitchen appliances for more convenience and efficiency.

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